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Tips to Win your Desired Scholarship


Scholarships are a lifeline for many students, making higher education more accessible and affordable. However, retaining a scholarship can be just as challenging as earning one. Here are six ways to ensure that you get the scholarship you are looking for.

1. Knowing the Deadline

One of the simplest ways to stay on track is by knowing the application deadline. Many scholarships have strict deadlines, and online applications close automatically once the deadline has passed. 

What you can do:

  • Stay Organized: Use a calendar or a planner to track all your scholarship deadlines.
  • Set Reminders: Set multiple reminders leading up to the deadline.
  • Plan Ahead: Aim to complete your application a few days before the deadline to account for any last-minute issues.

2. Following the Essay Prompt

Scholarships often have specific essay prompts. Ensuring that you directly answer the questions at hand, can make your application stand out. 

What you can do:

  • Read Carefully: Make sure you understand the essay question before you start writing.
  • Get Feedback: Ask an English teacher or a trusted mentor to review your essay.
  • Stay Focused: Tailor your essay to the specific prompt, ensuring every part of your response is relevant.

3. Meet the Necessary Word Count

Scholarship essays typically have a minimum word count. Meeting the requirements can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

What you can do:

  • Brainstorm Thoroughly: If you’re struggling to meet the word count, brainstorm more ideas or examples with the help of a friend or teacher.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Avoid fluff and focus on expanding your points with meaningful content.
  • Revise and Expand: Review your essay to find areas where you can provide more detail or add valuable insights.

4. Including Good Grammar and Proper Spelling

Ensuring the absence of typos and grammatical errors can boost your scholarship application.

What you can do:

  • Use Tools: Utilize spell-check and grammar-check tools like Grammarly.
  • Proofread: Always proofread your essay multiple times.
  • Get a Second Opinion: Ask someone else to review your essay; a fresh pair of eyes can catch mistakes you might have missed.

5. Attaching the Required Documents

Scholarships often require additional documents like transcripts, test scores, or recommendation letters. It is important to have all the necessary documents for the scholarship you apply for.

What you can do:

  • Create a Checklist: Make a checklist of all required documents and tick them off as you gather each one.
  • Understand Requirements: Verify the specifics of what each document should include, such as official letterhead or specific grading periods.
  • Double-check: Before submitting, ensure all required documents are included and correctly formatted.

6. Using the Right Format

Submitting documents in the right format demonstrates respect for the scholarship process and increases your chances of having your application seriously considered.

What you can do:

  • Read Instructions: Pay close attention to format requirements for file types and sizes.
  • Convert Files: Use reliable software to convert your files to the required formats, such as PDF or DOCX.
  • Test Files: Open your files on different devices to ensure they are accessible and correctly formatted.